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Achieve professional & personal goals with coaching


Job hunt?

Career change?



Fears & struggles?

Difficulties deciding?

Dilemmas or ambivalence?


Overcome a crisis?

Unexpected change?

Better resilience?


More clarity & structure?

Follow your inner voice?

Acceptance & satisfaction?

Or is it something else?



My hourly rate for 60 minutes

is 115 € (inkl. 19% VAT)

 I am happy to be contacted if you have any concerns about financing your coaching. I am open to finding a solution together with you.


Recommended 1-2 times a week for a 1.5-2 hours session

From my experience, this intensity is the most productive for a coaching process, at least in the beginning. We'll find the best intensity specifically for you.


Allow this process the time & space it needs to be sustainably effective

The number of sessions depends on your issues, goals & needs. We'll discuss it all at the beginning and during the coaching process.

Unemployed (Jobcenter / Agentur für Arbeit)?
Ask them for
AVGS Coaching!
Then, book me through:
Indisoft / Neustart / Goldnetz


our Coaching Process

I meet you - with everything that is going on with you right now - open and non-judgmental. I offer you a calm, inspiring and accepting space so that you can turn to your topics, desires and goals. I design my coaching work flexibly, following your needs and impulses. At the same time I pay attention to the necessary structure and the adherence to your coaching goals. It is my job to accompany you on your path with questions and methods that lead you to your own answers. Because I am convinced that only you can know what is right for you.

Within the coaching world I see myself more in the deeper, psychological coaching. At the same time, I am also the right person for you if you want to optimize your application documents and application procedur.

As a communication specialist, I specialize in writing. Therefore, you can also work with me on your texts.

To support you in achieving your goals, I use methods from coaching, therapy and communication. I value body and gestalt therapy approaches as well as working with daily structure, self-organization, health care and constructive communication.  


As herbal educator, I also work with the plant world and in permaculture, so we can happily incorporate work with and in nature into coaching - if you would like.


Depending on what suits at the moment, we can work in my rooms in Berlin-Steglitz, online, by phone or in nature.

Coaching Kraft

what are your monsters?

I have long struggled with the fact that there is just as much that is shadowy - supposedly evil - in us humans as there is supposedly good. Of course - even today I sometimes struggle to accept certain things.

But I have found a way to deal with unpleasant feelings by accepting them, turning to them until they begin to transform. There is information in all feelings, they all tell me something about myself.

Therefore, they are all of equal value to me - even those like anger, sadness, hatred, envy, shame, despair, fear, jealousy and their relatives. I value them because they can be the key to change and development. Sometimes we feel parts in us that we reject because we perceive them as negative. We turn away. But this often only makes these parts louder and more present and rarely leaves us alone, or they burst out unexpectedly and cause confusion.

Julia Klement Coaching Achtung Copyright!

​Because they want to be seen and heard - after all, they are a part of us.

If we do this, we can experience how they become more peaceful and calmer - and not infrequently even transform into something powerful and wonderful.

In this sense:


Julia Klement Coaching Achtung Copyright!
Julia Klement Coaching Achtung Copyright!

my clients SAY

Hilla, berlin

Julia has supported me above and beyond! She accepted & understood me unconditionally and helped me in so many ways - with a sharp brain and a soft heart. She is simply the best! 

Jörg, berlin

The coaching was so great. 
Holistic approach with development of new perspectives at work, stress management, conflict resolution, always really good crisis intervention with resource development and numerous inspiring ideas for my health and my private life.... somehow this was coaching for all situations in life. She has a lot of life experience and simply a lot of experience in therapeutic and human contexts.

gero, berlin

Julia accompanied me well in a rather disordered phase of my life with systemic coaching. With her heartfelt, empathetic, always listening, reflection-stimulating manner, she guided me confidently through the coaching process.

let's have a free & non binding first talk

Julia, berlin

I really wanted to go to Julia because I heard only good things about her from an acquaintance. I can only confirm this opinion, I would go to Julia again.
She is a trustworthy person and a professional in her field with excellent expertise. With her extraordinary sense for the inner state of the other person, Julia was always a great support for me. She equipped me with various methods to help myself in the future. With Julia I learned new things about myself and my possibilities.
Many thanks!

Saram, berlin

Through Julia's coaching, I was able to find a job that matches my skills and aspirations.
Without Julia's advice to stop settling for transitional jobs, it probably wouldn't have happened.

Tereza, berlin

Julia is a great person and a great coach. She is very empathetic and has always been very open and sympathetic to me.
She is very good at listening and mirroring me without judgment. She has helped me to realize that everything I need is already inside me and has given me access to it. At the same time, she always remains approachable and authentic. I am very grateful to Julia for her support and will be very happy to come back when I have new questions in my life.

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