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Hi, I'm Julia

I'm  a graduate in communications, a systemic coach, a certified mediator and a certified herbal educator in Berlin.


I combine coaching, as needed, with communication and application training and the development of optimal application documents. At the same time, my strengths lie in deeper coaching and I apply methods from body, Gestalt and systemic therapy. When it fits, I use working with and in nature as a supporting factor.


My form of mediation is needs-based. This means that conflicts are resolved through mutual understanding and can be experienced as an enriching experience. This conflict resolution creates a win-win situation in which clear strategies for action can be developed.


In herbal education I impart knowledge about our native wild plants, their cultivation, use and effect and nature conservation-relevant connections. In terms of gardening, I am at home in permaculture and impart knowledge about this in the community garden-grow. In my herbal tours we explore Berlin's urban nature and process wild plants in herbal workshops to food, art, cosmetics and medicine.

Julia Klement Coaching
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We are complex beings with a past, a present and a future - always changing and developing

Julia Klement Coaching

My life experience is shaped by diverse cultural influences and different ways and forms of life. I am aware that there are as many perspectives on the world as there are people. This perspective allows me to meet people at eye level.

We are complex beings with a past, a present and a future - always changing and evolving. At the same time we are in relationships and experience conflicts, happiness, disillusionment and everything that goes with it. This is what makes my work as a coach and mediator so exciting and fulfilling for me. Self-reflection, development and communication are gifts for me, through which I move towards myself. In addition to my professional skills, my life experience helps me to understand individual stories without judgment and to meet people with an open mind.

As a herbal educator, I gaze in wonder at the plant world. The intelligent workings of nature inspire me. It is my pleasure to share my knowledge of our native wild plants with people. The happy faces I look into when people learn about the small and large plants around them touch my heart. I am happy when people come closer to nature (again) and also gain a bit of independence by using the plants.

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Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come

~ Lois Lowry

my clients SAY

andrea, berlin

The Guided tour through the plant and community garden world was like a journey into other spheres and has left a lasting impression.

Lara, berlin

The coaching with you helped me to get a new view on my unemployment & to see it as an opportunity. Through your way and approach I was able to come back to myself and find a new perspective.

norvi, berlin

Through the coaching with Julia, I found a job! In the first coaching session I had a very interesting activity that helped me think & reflect about myself, about things I may never have thought about myself before.

let's have a free & non binding first talk

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